Field CTO, AI

Datastax is building the infrastructure to power the next generation of predictive and generative AI apps. 


I ran data science for support at Shopify. We produced data, insights, and ML models for our self-help ecosystem consisting of several million monthly sessions and tools to support our assisted support powered by thousands of customer support agents.  My team built the first generative AI product at Shopify.

Chief Technology Officer, Nami ML

Nami ML is a B2B platform that provides an end-to-end solution to selling digital subscriptions and purchases on mobile and connected TV platforms.  The Nami solution includes no-code paywalls, SDKs for easy implementation, and analytics, CRM, A/B testing, and on-device machine learning to grow your business.

Los Angeles Times

In 2018 the Los Angeles Times was sold off from the Tribune Publishing Company.  In the purchase of the LA Times, new ownership did not acquire any of the centralized groups at Tribune Publishing.  I moved to the new company to help rebuild the Marketing and Data teams and migrate all the related technology and processes.

Tribune Publishing Company

I joined the Tribune Publishing Company in 2016 to build brand new data science and data engineering teams (the first in the company's history) as well as create their big data platform and first machine learning and AI products.

Everything we built had to be designed to work across the entire company portfolio of different local journalism and vertical content websites.

I also brought together multiple analytics elements in the company into a cohesive data team using modern tools and our data platform to drive constant improvement on our data insights.

On the data science front, we successfully deployed production machine learning systems for content recommendations, content popularity prediction, and propensity of our users to subscribe.

SeaChange International

Timeline Labs was acquired by SeaChange International in 2015. During this time, I worked on pivoting our business to a new core product around data-driven content marketing.

We managed paid media spends on Facebook for several companies, mostly focused on niche e-commerce and local news broadcast stations.  Through our data analysis we were able to get substantial boosts in performance over existing strategies at these companies.

We were particularly successful at local news stations where we were able to boost Nielsen ratings for tune-in to the nightly news broadcasts.

Timeline Labs

I joined Timeline Labs as the first data scientist and one of two technical team members when it was a seed-stage start-up.

Timeline offered a tool to discover trending and breaking news content on social media for news outlets as well as visualization software for taking social media insights and pushing them to live broadcast feeds.

I built our first real-time social media visualization that powered a live back-stage experience at the Billboard Music Awards in 2013 which turned into a core part of our product offering.

I built out a data team to support the content discovery portion of the product offering and oversaw that team and the data portions of our product through the acquisition of the company.